Cervical Spine

Gray513An interesting observation of the cervical spine is most treatment is directed to the posterior muscles to the detriment of the anterior muscles. As the posterior muscles release, the hypertonic anterior muscles begin to exert an unopposed “pull” which can reduce the cervical spines’ natural lordotic curve. This creates the “military neck “ so common in MVA injuries.

Learn to use osteopathic muscle energy technique (MET) to normalize suboccipital imbalances at C0-1. Understand which anterior and posterior muscles need to be treated and how to precisely locate them. Use MET, deep tissue work, contract–relax and joint mobilizations to release the neurovascular constriction points and correct the first rib. This workshop is tailored to improve your assessment and treatment skills as well as offer therapeutic exercise interventions that can be immediately integrated into your practice.

Wear comfortable sports style clothing to this class as minimal disrobing is necessary.

Bring a pen to jot down salient points in the provided booklet.

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Two Day Courses = 14 (PE-A2 Core Credits) CMTBC CEC & 6.4 CATA CEUs