Shoulder & Clavicle

orthoArmShoulderMusclesLtPosteriorGrayBB412The relationship between shoulder and clavicle is intimate. Restriction of the acromioclavicular (AC) joint may decrease the range of motion (ROM) of the shoulder in abduction. Neurological problems may be associated with brachial plexus entrapment at the first rib and clavicle. Muscular trigger points in infraspinatus or subscapularis may imitate neurological referrals to the anterior arm and the wrist or hand.

How would you determine if a capsular restriction exists? Often chronic hypertonicity and fascial restrictions will limit ROM and make assessment difficult.  Learn how to differentiate between muscular and capsular lesions and how to apply the correct joint mobilizations. Use osteopathic muscle energy technique to normalize muscle imbalances. Understand the role of scapular stabilization in correct glenohumeral arthrokinematics. Learn the best therapeutic exercise interventions and how to encourage patients to actually use them!

Wear comfortable sports style clothing to this class as minimal disrobing is necessary.

Bring a pen to jot down salient points in the provided booklet.

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Two Day Courses = 14 (PE-A2 Core Credits) CMTBC CEC & 6.4 CATA CEUs