“I’ve enjoyed this course. It’s flowed well for anatomy, theory to practical application – but not to adhere to an EXACT protocol. Scott understands and shares the reality of the work and that there is no “cure all” or that sometimes you have to change it up!”

September 8, 2023

“Course was awesome! Scott was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about sharing information. I feel confident putting it into practice and would definitely do more courses with him.”

September 8, 2023

“So good! My jaw dropped! Concise, informative, and very useful. Also, a positive and inclusive learning environment. Thank you!”

Anonymous, April 2022

September 8, 2023

“So informative, in a simple manner that’s easy to understand! Scott is so knowledgeable and a great instructor. I want to take all his courses.”

November 13, 2021

“The course was well-orchestrated; I enjoyed the kinetic hands-on applications the most, and having it repeated a couple times over the two days was incredibly helpful. Also seeing how assessment really confirms what needs to be done is helpful.”

October 20, 2021

“A most enjoyable course. Explanations of movement of vertebral segments were made simply, made sense and took the confusion away. Being able to work on different body types and repeating the techniques were very helpful. The one-on-one confirmation as to whether you were applying the techniques correctly was extremely helpful. Overall, this is one of the best courses and most useful information to take back to my clinic. I’ll be back for more. Many thanks!”

October 13, 2021

“I really appreciated the review as well as exposure to new approaches and ways to treat lower back/lumbar issues. Instructions were given at a good pace with enough time/opportunities to practice and gain enough comfort and confidence that I can remember to take back into the clinic.”

September 29, 2021