Joint Mobilizations

Have you experienced working with areas of muscle hypertonicity and pain expecting expedient resolution only to find you are working the same area repeatedly?

Can you distinguish the difference between muscle guarding and capsular restriction?

Pain can be referred from the joint capsule into the muscles around the joint,  fooling the practitioner into believing that only a muscular problem exists.

This course is designed to demystify joint mobs and to teach the practitioner how to recognize when they are indicated, by using specific diagnostic criteria.   Learn to identify capsular restrictions and apply the proper joint mobilization that will normalize joint function and eliminate the associated muscle pain. Also learn special techniques to make joint mobs therapist friendly.

Work smarter, not harder!

Wear comfortable sports style clothing to this class as minimal disrobing is necessary.

Bring a pen to jot down salient points in the provided booklet.

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Two Day Courses = 14 (PE-A2 Core Credits) CMTBC CEC & 6.4 CATA CEUs